ACA Live Setup

ACALive is used to interface dTris to AlpineCanadaLive Live Timing website.

This allows you to:

  • Automatically Send new results to AlpineCanadaLive
  • Rename Intervals on AlpineCanadaLive to reflect your hill
  • Send Comments to the Viewers

Current Version:
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Below is a video describing the features of the new AlplineCanadaLive website.

Here is a video created by Michael Walker on how to set up ACALive.

ACA Live 2014.0.0.4 Setup with DTRIS 2.1.9 from Michael Walker on Vimeo.



Whats new in

1. Fixed issue where speed trap would not show on course map
2. Fixed issue with lodge display configuration changes
3. Changed installer to conform with other MEC Timing Products
4. Migrated to non yearly version numbers

Whats new in 2017.0.1.0

  1. Added NPS to Racer Type
  2. Fixed Bug that in very rare cases a racers times would not be transmitted from dTris.

Whats new in 2017.0.0.0

  1. Added Best Of Race Upload for Other Race Types

Whats new in 2016.0.1.0

  1. Fixed Error on Lodge Display Changing Parameters
  2. Fixed Error when race is created without password

Whats new in 2016.0.0.2

  1. Added Lodge Display Control

Whats new in 2015.0.0.15

  1. Hover over colour circle for troubleshooting information
  2. Made dTris Communication more robust
  3. Fixed logging when moving from one codex to another
  4. When sending data with default names it will check to make sure that you really want to send the data
  5. If race is getting all data from dTris and not sending to website it will ask if you would like to start sending

Whats new in 2015.0.0.6

  1. Performance improvements between dTris and ACALive

Whats new in 2014.0.0.5

  1. Added MEC Race Type
  2. Fixed Program not responding

Whats new in 2014.0.0.4

  1. Slow Connection Timing out

Whats new in 2014.0.0.3

  1. Fixed Issue with null null Racers
  2. Fixed Connection Drops causing crash

Whats new in 2014.0.0.2

  1. Networking could not handle multiple packets at once.

Whats new in 2014.0.0.1

It includes the functionality:

  • Hotswap Race Codex’s
    • Send Comments to AlpineCanadaLive
    • Transmit Data to AlpineCanadaLive
    • “Commentator Screens” to allow for commentator to keep on top of what is happening within the race