Measures is used by Race Administrators to handle a race before and after the race.

It allows for:

  • Multilingual (English/French)
  • Managing Racers
  • Running the Draw
  • Printing Start Lists
  • Compiling Results
  • Electronic submission of results to FIS and Alpine Points

Current Version:


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Below is a quick video of the changes made.

Below is a getting started guide to Measures.


Whats New in 6.20.1:

  1. Updated for 2019-2020 Season
  2. Updated Bundled PDF Viewer
  3. Adds Automated update checking. This checks for updates on Measures start up. Clicking Yes will close Measures download the latest installer. Clicking No will allow for continued operation on the current version.

Whats New in 6-19-4:

  1. Fixed XML National Points output to correct for adding “NAT” in-front of point list number
  2. Added New Alpine Points Racer Import from Alpine Points Registration

Whats New in 6-19-3:

  1. Fixed Issue with 2 Run SG where 2nd Run Start List could not be generated
  2. Added New Alpine Points Racer Import

Whats New in 6-19-2:

  1. Fixed alternative format for CSV from FIS website

What’s New in 6-19-1:

  1. Updated for 2018-2019 Season
  2. Add Ability to upload racers from CSV directly from FIS site

What’s New in 6-18-2:

  1. Added ability to add NPS from Manual Time Input
  2. Fixed DH Turning Gates and output data to XML
  3. Fixed Some FIS Not qualified racers to have a time in XML is not the Status

What’s New in 6-18-1:

  1. Dates of FIS List has been updated.
  2. Migration to new Season Completed.

Whats New in 6-17-5:

  1. Fixed Error with Naming within SX Report

Whats New in 6-17-4:

  1. Fixed spelling mistakes
  2. If Run 2 time is present in dTris data it will be put in even if Run 1 was DNF/DNS/DSQ/NPS when imported into Measures
  3. If Run 2 time is present in Measures the data will be outputted to XML for ACAPoints when race type is NAT

Whats New in 6-17-3:

  1. Updated Point Calculation 100% of Racers in SX

Whats New in 6-17-2:

  1. Added NPS Racer
  2. Fixed Issue with FIS & National XML Upload

Whats New in 6-17-1:

  1. Dates of FIS List has been updated.
  2. Migration to new Season Completed.

Whats New in 6-16-3:

  1. Change made to allow Ski Cross not ignore Turning Gates

Whats New in 6-16-2:

  1. Fixed an error with FIS XML upload on SG/DH races.

Whats New in 6-16-1:

  1. Dates of FIS List has been updated.

Whats New in 6-15-5:

  1. Added sorting for competitors report by Bib and Club

Whats New in 6-15-4:

  1. Corrected a possible issue with SL Did Not Qualify Racers
  2. Corrected an Error when a (French) Microsoft Computer is used

Whats New in 6-15-3:

  1. Fixed small issue with SX races

Whats New in 6-15-2:

  1. Fixed course length upload to FIS.

Whats New in 6-15-1:

  1. This version now contains the update of the Race Factors for both FIS and National Races
  2. FIS Change to include AC Alpine Combined has been added BUT you can still use SC for Super Combined. Either one will work just make certain that the XML file has the one that either FIS or ACA wants.
  3. FIS update on Ski Cross points tables has been updated as it was not corrected in Measures last season but has been for this season.

Whats New in 6-14-4:

  1. Corrected possible error when 0000000 Bibs not included in a Recreational Races
  2. Corrected the Penalty Calculation for Ski Cross
  3. Changed the Create File naming routine. It Now shows the Folders which can be changed and waits for the Name to be entered.
  4. Updated the Official Ski Cross Results so that Report displays Pos, Qualification Bib and Ladder Bib
  5. Ski Cross Ladder and results working with DNSs placed in the proper Location

Whats New in 6-14-3:

  1. Fixed Bug with FIS Race Point List Date
  2. Ski Cross enhancements completed.

Whats New in 6-14-2:

  1. Fixed Bug with Gender during FIS Races
  2. When Race is copied with bib’s Snow Seed is copied as well.

Whats New in 6-14-0:

  1. FIS Races are now checked to be certain that the points list that is being used is the correct one for the date the Race is occurring on when the penalty calculation is begun.
  2. Recreational Races are now handled by Measures when the codex is a REC14.xxxx. This means that Measures creates a xml file for uploading to . Recreational Racers have no points.
  3. Measures can now generate Snow Seed Racers according to the FIS rules and Flags them on the Run1 Start List.
  4. Measures can now Flag Racers as DNQ (Did Not Qualify). This means that the Jury has decided not to run the entire field in Run 2. The Racers that are not to run are flagged with a DNQ not a DNS.
  5. Measures will no longer accept Race File Names that contain characters that might cause problems such as periods, slashes, etc.
  6. Measures has been changed to better explain why a particular action will cause a need to regenerate reports.
  7. The Help descriptions have been revamped and clarified

Problem Notification

Please note from time to time reports seem to be generated using the wrong font, if this occurs, shut Measures down and restart it. This will correct the problem. This problem is being looked into.

Whats New in 6-13-3:

  1. Added the Capability to Print a Run 1 Start List Inverted
  2. Added Capability to use REC13.xxxx Codex Races
  3. Corrects the problem of special characters Like & causing the xml file not to be able to load
  4. Corrects a problem with a Ski Cross Ladder Output error message occurring now explains how to correct the situation