We designed lodge display to fill a need for customers. Remove a volunteer from the required list people on the hill. This was the volunteer who wrote on the big board the racers times. So that athletes’ could know what their time was even if they missed the display board showing them.

Some of our customers just used Alpine Canada Live as this board but someone would have to scroll through the results as the list grew. Others created their own software application to solve this issue.

We decided on developing Lodge Display. This removes the need for the extra volunteer without adding more complexity to timing a race. Lodge Display provides:

  • Ease of setup and Display
  • Configuration
  • Timing Integration

Ease of Setup and Display

Lodge Display is just another webpage which can be shown on any device. This could be a 2nd monitor on the timing computer, smart tv or embedded device (We can provide this as a fully managed system). Once setup the current race will be sent to the device and be shown. This can also be shown on as many devices as you want. If you want all the tv’s in the club to show your race results that is possible with Lodge Display!

Top left shows the racers on course. Racers are cycled only showing the number of racers configured and once all racers have been seen the cycle starts over again. Any comments from the timing hut will also show on Lodge Display to let people watching know what is going on.


Lodge Display Configuration

No configuration is done on the device showing results it is all controlled through ACALive. You can enable/disable course map, change font size based for readability and change the number of racers shown and how long they show for.

Timing Integration

The biggest feature of Lodge Display is that while many races are running if timing switches races/codex Lodge Display changes too! This is truly a set it and forget it type of product. Many of our customers just keep it running for the entire season and turn on/off the TV when not in use.