We want to help all users with issues that they are facing when just starting up a new season.  Below are some of the questions that we have gotten in the past couple of weeks and how to resolve them.

Timy USB is not working with dTris 3:  Install the latest Timy USB drivers from Alge’s site

With dTris 3 new introduction to Timy USB connection.  We do not include the driver for the connection between the Timy and computer automatically.  To install this you will have to go to the Alge’s Site Download and then install the Timy USB connection.  Once that is done restart dTris 3 and the Timy USB connection will be working again.

Display is not working in Race:  Make sure you hit F11 to enable display.

Display board is disabled by default.  During the race make sure you press F11 to enable the display board before the first racer.  This also affects if live timing data is being sent out.  There should not be a red display board title on the screen while you are running your race.

What version am I running?:  In the title bar it will show the version number.

dTris shows version number on the title bar of the app. dTris shows the version number in the title of the window when not in timing mode.