MEC Timing is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new version of the dTris 3. MEC Timing wishes to thank several users for their help in testing the new version. User feedback and encouragement to distribute the application more broadly have confirmed that dTris 3 will improve your timing experience.

MEC Timing strongly recommends you deploy dTris 3 for the upcoming race season; however, there are four specific situations where MEC Timing suggests continuing to use dTris 2. We outline these situations in the Section “When should I use dTris 2?” below.”

What is New in dTris 3:

dTris 3 is more intuitive, efficient and easier for users to learn and use. The new design maintains the timing functionality while enhancing the race setup and information administration features by streamlining the process of setting up the timing equipment and race and enhancing the racer and race results editing functionality.

The new features will improve your timing experience by providing more capability to administer and run a race. New features in dTris 3 are:

  • A streamlined setup process with locations for all information about race and equipment parameters and race participants;
  • An ability to test dTris functionality without expensive timing equipment;
  • A more straightforward ability to test timing equipment continuity;
  • Enhanced ability to edit race participants during the race;
  • An improved ability to provide FIS-level synchronization of timing equipment for all levels of races;
  • Group run status with the ability to add a racer while timing; and
  • An enhanced racer and run timing information with improved editing functionality and search capability.

Where do I get dTris 3?

dTris 3 is available by going to MEC Timing’s home page ( and clicking on download to retrieve the dTris 3 installer. Once you have downloaded the file, click on the dTris icon to launch the installer automatically. If you wish to learn more about dTris 3 functionality, we suggest downloading the dTris 3 user manual from MEC Timing’s home page.

MEC Timing has ensured you can run either version of dTris with your current licence. Dtris 2 Can be found in the program area in the “MEC App” folder, while you can discover dTris 3 in the folder “MEC Timing.”

What version do I use? When:

MEC Timing recommends you use dTris 3 immediately. However, we understand you may wish to conduct testing to gain experience and confidence. We encourage you to take this action. If you are still unsure of dTris 3, we recommend running dTris 2 as system A (primary) and dTris 3 as the backup timing system. Please note that both computers will need a dTris licence. Your dTris licence will allow you to run both versions on the computer but not simultaneously.

When should I use dTris 2:

You MUST use dTris 2 if you:

  1. are timing a dual race;
  2. requiring interval timing for a race;
  3. are running a ski cross competition; or
  4. require Equivalent Electronic Time (EET) functionality.

MEC Timing recommends dTris 3 as your timer software in all other cases. MEC Timing anticipates releasing the above functionality next year.

How Long will MEC Timing Support both Versions:

MEC Timing has worked hard to release dTris 3, but we still have more work to add the lesser-used functionality identified above. MEC Timing will support dTris 2 until dTris 3 can provide the same functionality, which we anticipate will be released in 2024/25. We will support both full versions during the 2024/2025 race season. After the 2024/2025 season, MEC Timing plans to remove dTris 2 from production, and it will NOT be available for the 2025/2026 race season and beyond.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I assure you that MEC Timing is here to answer any questions while you transition to dTris 3.

Thank you for your business, and have a great 2023/2024 race season