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Measures 6.24.3 Released

This release changes the following: FIS Alpine - System can now ingest the registration for FIS races from Alpine points Note: Because of data being provided once you have added all of the racers from the FIS alpine points file you will have to update points from the latest FIS list.  Alpine points data does [...]

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dTris 3 – Update

We have released a new version of dTris 3. Note: You will have to uninstall dTris 3 from your computer and and then download the latest installer from the website to get this update. Changes: Fixed Issue - Automatic updater failing on checking for new update Fixed Issue - Configuring Serial Port based timer Fixed [...]

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dTris 3

MEC Timing is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new version of the dTris 3. MEC Timing wishes to thank several users for their help in testing the new version. User feedback and encouragement to distribute the application more broadly have confirmed that dTris 3 will improve your timing experience. MEC Timing strongly [...]

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Measures 6.23.3 Released!

Measures 6.23.3 Released! This release changes the following: Fix Date Being uploaded to Alpine point Fix Adding Racers from FIS points list FIS Racer Category Calculations moved from being recreational racers to national racers The new installer can be found on our product page. Or Downloaded Directly Here: Measures 6.23.3

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Measures 6.23.2 Released!

Changes for this version: Fixed FIS SX Tie Breaking Fixed FIS Update Points Setup Fixed Editing Racers SX Rank being zero'ed out Fixed issue with import of Alpine Points Registration File Next time you start Measures it will ask you to update or you can download the installer directly form here: Measures 6.23.2

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Measures 6.23.1 Released

Released new version for the upcoming season! Changed in this version: Validated F-factors and other constants Updated FIS CSV import of racers to new format Next time you start Measures it will ask you to update or you can download the installer directly form here: Measures 6.23.1  

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Measures 6.22.3 Released!

This is a big update for Measures! We have had great feedback from our customers out west on Ski Cross(SX) and with their great help we have implemented many changes to help SX Race Administrators with their races. Asks for now if you would like to include the times in the XMLAdded Seeding / Qualification [...]

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dTris 2.2.16 Released

As we are getting into the swing of things this year. We have found an error which would cause issues with creating Run 2 Start list. You will only be able to reverse 5 racers. This has been fixed as well as a couple other things. See below: Fixed Error with not showing Printer Dialog [...]

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Measures 6.22.1 Released

We released this year's version of Measures. This provides some changes which we have been working on for a while. New Jury Numbers For National races we have added the ability to add Juries Official ID's. The format in the jury and technical data section is is Initial. LastName Club - Official ID# Full Change [...]

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