This is a big update for Measures! We have had great feedback from our customers out west on Ski Cross(SX) and with their great help we have implemented many changes to help SX Race Administrators with their races.

  1. Asks for now if you would like to include the times in the XML
  2. Added Seeding / Qualification for setting up Heats
  3. Allows for ties to be broken by user as well as sorting the DNF/DNS during seeding qualification

We have been having some issues with National XML upload so we have resolved these issues by removing any special characters from names and making sure that XML file is saved correctly.

In the west we have some races which racers are keeping their bibs for multiple races. This is a great way to make sure that we limit transmission of any virus though the bibs. To help with this Measures now asks if bibs are already present do you want to keep the bibs or re-assign them.

Next time you start Measures it will ask you to update or you can download the installer directly form here: Measures 6.22.3