Measures 6.22.3 Released!

This is a big update for Measures! We have had great feedback from our customers out west on Ski Cross(SX) and with their great help we have implemented many changes to help SX Race Administrators with their races. Asks for now if you would like to include the times in the XMLAdded Seeding / Qualification [...]

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Measures 6.22.1 Released

We released this year's version of Measures. This provides some changes which we have been working on for a while. New Jury Numbers For National races we have added the ability to add Juries Official ID's. The format in the jury and technical data section is is Initial. LastName Club - Official ID# Full Change [...]

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Measures 6.20.4 Released!

Measures 6.20.4 Released! This release changes the following: Removed from outputs and replaced with National Points Fixed Dongle Licensing Error Unknown(0) from some specific dongles Added FIS Race Type TRA to list of races for XML Output Fixed Issue of Not Printing to correct Printer if printing a second time Resolved issue [...]

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Measures 6.20.2 Released!

Measures 6.20.2 Released! This release changes the following: Fixed Issue "dongo driver not installed" Created a new installer: This automatically installed the dongle driver, resolves issues with requesting if the user should keep a file on install. Update for running individual para athlete's within a race. Please note that the new update if [...]

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