dTris 3 – Update

We have released a new version of dTris 3. Note: You will have to uninstall dTris 3 from your computer and and then download the latest installer from the website to get this update. Changes: Fixed Issue - Automatic updater failing on checking for new update Fixed Issue - Configuring Serial Port based timer Fixed [...]

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dTris 3

MEC Timing is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new version of the dTris 3. MEC Timing wishes to thank several users for their help in testing the new version. User feedback and encouragement to distribute the application more broadly have confirmed that dTris 3 will improve your timing experience. MEC Timing strongly [...]

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dTris 2.2.16 Released

As we are getting into the swing of things this year. We have found an error which would cause issues with creating Run 2 Start list. You will only be able to reverse 5 racers. This has been fixed as well as a couple other things. See below: Fixed Error with not showing Printer Dialog [...]

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dTris 2.2.14 Released

This is our new dTris version to allow you better timing during your races and viewing of competitor analysis. This release changes the following: Updated the Competitor Analysis report to more readable Old Version of the system New Version! New version replaces the view of the above with a more concise table view. This will [...]

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dTris 2.2.13 Released!

dTris 2.2.13 Released! This release changes the following: Fixed Issue "dongo driver not installed" Created a new installer: This automatically installed the dongle driver, resolves issues with requesting if the user should keep a file on install. Update for running individual para athlete's within a race. Please note that the new update if [...]

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dTris 2.2.12

dTris 2.2.12 Released! This release changes the following: Adds Automated update checking.  This checks for updates on dTris start up.  Clicking Yes will close dTris and download the latest installer.  Clicking No  will allow for continued operation on the current version. The new installer can be found on our product page. Or Downloaded [...]

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